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Rony Zagursky

San Diego


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Rony Zagursky is a Gazelles Certified Coach specializing in strategic planning. Recently relocated to San Diego via Mexico, Rony Zagursky has worked with various organizations to accelerate revenue and profit throughout Mexico. He continues to parlay that success onto United States-based companies by helping them transform organizational culture and achieve teamwork, profit and overall success.

Prior to working as a General Manager at Proepta International, Zagursky developed the base of his knowledge and experience during an nine-year stint with Nestlé in Mexico, Switzerland and the Dominican Republic. He served as manager of several Nestlé departments including transportation, SAP, accounts, and international markets. He was also its team leader and business analyst for GLOBE Implementation.

Zagursky now focuses fulltime on assisting CEOs and their management teams with business development, change management, strategic planning, supply chain and sales functions, project management, and operational performance. He has significant experience in working with seasoned organizations to become “unstuck,” and move forward to meet goals and restore company morale.

In addition to business development, change management, strategic planning, and operational performance, Zagursky offers executive team coaching and development, team meeting facilitation and business plan facilitation

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