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Keith York

Western Idaho

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Having grown up and gone to school in the Atlanta, GA area Keith joined the professional world somewhat reluctantly many years ago when he realized his dream of making a living as a musician would not materialize.  He learned two things very quickly about his ‘fallback’ career choice as a computer programmer.  1.  He was pretty good at it because he enjoyed engaging with people  and helping them solve problems and 2.  He really, really didn’t like the actual coding part.  After a year learning that lesson he went to work for a small, rapidly growing company installing sales and finance automation systems in car dealerships.  Working with business people and traveling was much more to his liking which allowed him to move into a leadership position there within a year.  

After 7 additional years creating and leading teams to solve newly arising problems in that rapidly growing company he left to reinvent himself as a software salesman – a move that turned out to be ‘valuable’ but not lucrative.  Humbled by that experience he miraculously landed a contract as a process improvement analyst at Coca Cola where he ended up staying for 3 years.  While there, his passion for helping executives quantify and measure performance objectives was kindled.  Although he was heavily courted to stay in Atlanta and become a Coca Cola employee he respectfully declined, choosing instead to risk a jobless move to Boise, ID with his wife and 18 month old son where they could enjoy less traffic, less humidity and more access to the outdoors.  He knew he’d made the right decision when he landed a job at a consulting company one day after arriving in Boise.


In his 18 years in Boise he built an analytics / business intelligence practice at the consulting company, helped banks, hi-tech startups and insurance companies plan and implement technology strategies and worked at HP, first as a contractor then as an associate, helping plan, fund and deliver over $200M in process and technology improvements.   His lifelong desire for continued growth and learning, and an affinity for reinventing himself, has now landed him as the President and Owner of Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS Idaho.


Keith and his wife, Ruth, have adopted 2 dogs and 1 horse.  All 3 animals were ‘rescued’ but Keith and Ruth readily admit it was the two of them who were rescued.  They also have 2 adopted children, Alex and Andrea.  The children are teenagers now so the whole ‘they rescued us thing’ has waned a little with them.   An enthusiastic westerner now, Keith spends as much time as possible outside skiing, riding bikes, trail running, riding horses or just working on Ruth’s family ranch in Jackson Hole Wyoming.   He and Ruth started a small non-profit a few years ago supporting African Refugees and still spend time supporting that amazing community as well.

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