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Dennis Daniels

Atlanta East

Phone:  678-910-7232


As Owner/CEO of Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS in Atlanta East, Dennis Daniels builds and facilitates  Top Executive Peer Advisory Boards, comprised of business owners, CEOs and Presidents. Each board serves as a “personal board of advisors” for each member, as they develop actual business solutions and improve business performances in any/all areas, such as business strategies, customer acquisition & retention, financial & operating issues, people & organization issues, business growth, M&A, succession, fighting commoditization, securing their businesses, etc. 

If you own of any type or size any stage of growth... one of our Peer Advisory Boards can help you get your business where you want it to go... bigger, better, faster! 


Get involved with a small group of smart, experienced, trusted peers...where you'll help each other develop any type of day-to-day or strategic business solution. There is no contract to sign! If you don't see real ROI, you can walk away...but our members choose to stay with us for years, because they realize the value!


We also have Peer Advisory Boards for the key executives reporting to business owners!

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